This past weekend was the 3rd Annual Kid's Halloween Party! My family decided to really get into the spirit and even Derek and I dressed up! You will have to just keep reading to see our family picture! Each year we set up a photo area to take the kids' pictures. However, the tree in the front yard was just too stunning to resist! All the costumes were so much fun! There was a princess,super heroes (Optimus Prime was giving us his best side...)an adorable zebra,tigers (and their zookeeper)Tiggerand last but not least, the clan from Winnie the Pooh! Yes, that is Derek as Pooh. It was he choice. Isn't he great?!

It was such a fun party and we are so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful event!

If you are one of the families who attended the party, watch your email for information regarding your gallery of images.