Photographing newborns is always so special. There is nothing quite like a family inviting you into their home right after bringing baby home from the hospital. Each session is unique, but every time I leave a newborn session, I'm a little sad to go! I could just stay and play and capture baby all day long. I feel so lucky that I was able to capture Baby M! At a mere 5 days old, she was so precious. Watching these two, proud parents, reminded me of those early days after Milo was born! They just could not keep their eyes off of her, and who could blame them?!Who doesn't love tiny baby feet, and on a tiny bed - even better!We ventured into the nursery and the light pouring in through the window was so beautiful. A favorite shot from the day! Mom and dad had this huge bear - a perfect place for a nap for Baby Girl!

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!