Lately, we've turned our living room into a gym. Derek has especially been doing extra push ups in between building cars with Legos. But with two little ones, these aren't your ordinary pushups, they are toddler pushups! The kids get so excited as soon as you tell them that daddy is going to do pushups. They run over and jump on. (Notice Sadie in the bottom corner getting ready to jump in and help out). toddler push ups, capturing everyday moments

If Derek takes a break, Milo says "one more daddy, one more." I think he's the perfect personal trainer (or maybe a drill sergeant)! Of course, if Derek is spent, Milo wants mommy to do toddler pushups. He doesn't understand that mommy can hardly do a regular pushup, let alone with 60 lbs of toddlers added! But the smile on the kids faces is priceless. So I say, "one more Derek, one more!"

toddler push ups, capturing everyday moments

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