Transform. As I stop and think about the year ahead, the word "transform" consumes my thoughts. Transform, Looking ahead, Blog Circle, Me Ra Koh Workshop Teachers

This month's Me Ra Koh Confidence Workshop Teacher's Blog Circle is all about picking a word or color for the year. After reading my post, make sure you head on over to the next teacher's blog to see her words. You never know, one of these words may strike a cord with you and inspire your word for the year!

I'm going to be honest. I have never truly reflected on the previous year or thought about what the next year holds. Sure, I have been excited what the new year could bring. But what if I could bring something to the new year? That has never crossed my mind. As I have joined this amazing group of women, I have been pushed in so many wonderful ways. Though it isn't always easy, I can feel change happening in all parts of my life. So instead of allowing the year to happen, I'm going to grab it, take charge and transform.

A huge area I can feel a transformation coming is in my faith. Throughout my life I have struggled to find a place in a church where I felt important, and comfortable, and connected. I have finally found that church and am excited to already be feeling this transformation taking place. Last month's Rest Stop Santa Photos was where I first felt things start to shake up a bit! As I start new groups and find new ways to get involved, I know that 2014 will have to be a year of growth and change.

The interesting thing about the word transform, is that it is something that can can occur within me and something that I can do. This year, I strive to transform the women who join me in my workshops. Together we will take a journey of discovering not just how to take control of the camera, but also discover more about who each woman is. If I can impact even one other woman, I will have felt like I have paid it forward from my own workshop experience with Me Ra Koh 3 years ago.

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The hardest part about choosing the word transform for the year is that it isn't an easy thing to do. Aren't we all a little resistant to change. It can be a struggle knowing the hard work that must be put in, and even harder embarking on something when the end result is undefined. However, I can feel deep down that this is my word for the year. TRANSFORM.

What is your word? Please share your thoughts, comments, hopes for 2014 in the comments. I would love nothing more than for you to share!

Please head over to my dear friend and fellow teacher, Jill Ann's blog to see what her word for the 2014 is!


P.S. Ready for some transformation in your life? Join me and a group of amazing women to learn how to use your camera, how to take better photos, how to become the storyteller in your family, at my March 29th, Growing CONFIDENCE workshop. Let's make 2014 a year of transformations.

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