Now that I'm a CONFIDENCE workshop teacher, I have joined a group of amazing women, photographers, teachers! Once a month we partake in a blog circle all focused on a particular theme. So if you're joining from somewhere else on the blog circle, welcome! And to my amazing readers, make sure to follow the link to another amazing photographer's blog. If you follow all of the links, you'll end up back here! Here in Seattle, fall is a time of transitions. The weather begins to change to its usual grey skies, the leaves become orange, the days shorter and a little cooler. While I'm normally one who is resistant to change; fall, with all of the changes it brings, is my favorite time of year. With shorter days come the return of my favorite TV shows, scarves, and yummy soups, chili and pies!

Transitions are abundant in my house right now. From personal, to business, big changes are happening everywhere I look. The kids are each experiencing transitions of their own. Sawyer is learning to walk and wanting to be more and more independent.

Transitions, Snoqualmie Photographer, Connection Photos

Milo has been working so hard with reading and writing. He loves alphabet books and to trace the letters as we say them. Everyday he has new words that he is saying and new letters he's trying to write. I'm seeing less and less of a baby boy and more of a 'big' boy every day.

Transitions, Snoqualmie Children's Photographer,

I also have several transitions coming up for me and photography as well. Fall means that it is time to start thinking about mini sessions and holiday sessions again. But, the biggest transition will be into the role as teacher and mentor for other women who attend my workshops. I'm so excited for this new role to start in October.  I'm preparing and getting everything ready to make sure the women who attend my first workshop will have an amazing, empowering day learning about their cameras.

As hard as transitions can be at times, whether it be because it means the loss of something (my baby girl) or taking a risk, I'm so excited to see the changes unfold.

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