My baby girl, Sawyer, turned 2 months yesterday! We are really starting to see her personality shine through. She's still sleeping a lot, but when she's awake she is very smiley and chatty! She's also very tolerant, as her big brother just loves to hug on her and tickle her feet ("tickle, tickle, tickle" is his favorite thing to say right now). Tomorrow she has her 2 month well-baby check up, where we will see if she is growing as quickly as Milo did. I have a canvas of Milo hanging above my computer. He is 2 months old. As I was going through images of her, I thought this next image was similar enough to use it as a comparison. So, here's Sawyer at 2 month's....and here's Milo! What do you think, do they look alike? Leave a comment below letting me know!Although Halloween was technically a week before she turned a month old, I had to share a photo of her in costume. A friend had this hat made just for her. It is much too cute!Finally, Sawyer and Sheepy at 2 months old. I'm rather proud of her tummy time abilities!