I have had the honor of capturing this family for the past 3 years, yet I had no idea that this quiet, gentle boy could do the most amazing yoda impressions! He can actually do a number of great impressions, but yoda was my favorite. He had everyone cracking up. yoda impressions, snoqualmie family photos

Aren't they such a beautiful family?yoda impressions, snoqualmie family photos

I love taking shots of just mom with the kids and just dad with the kids. Then the other parent is usually doing a fun circus act behind me making their kids smile beautifully, like this!yoda impressions, snoqualmie family photos

I cannot believe how much this girl has grown since I first captured their family. Yet, she's still such a sweet and fun girl. yoda impressions, snoqualmie family photosThough she was treated like a princess, carried around like every princess should be! yoda impressions, snoqualmie family photos


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