Welcome Rooster Valley Farm School families! First, let me take a moment to thank you for sharing your children with me. It is an honor to capture their school portraits this year. Some kids were much more comfortable in front of the camera, those kids will have more images in their gallery. Some were more reserved or gave fewer facial expressions, so they will have less. In addition, some children were more comfortable with the animals, while others did not want a photo with an animal. I promise I put each and every image that was technically sound in your gallery!


  • This gallery will expire at midnight on Wednesday, November 7th. All ordering must be made by the deadline. Because I order all prints at once, no exceptions can be made. This is also so I can get them to your school for pick up as soon as possible.

  • Digital files can be ordered directly from your gallery by clicking on the "Digital Media" tab. They will be emailed directly to you after your order is placed. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not see them after ordering.

  • Class Photos - Each class has one image available with names listed. This will be the class photo provided with any packages as well. Note that alternative class photos are offered, however, they will not have student names listed on the bottom.

  • Sibling Photos are placed in a separate folder labeled "siblings."

  • Prints will arrive at your school approximately 2 weeks after the final order date.

  • All sales are final.

A GIFT FOR YOU: Rooster Valley families receive a $50 discount on your full family photo session booked during the 2017-2018 school year. I would love to see you again for a fun family session! 

The Gallery Will Be Available at a link below when ready.

(Your password is listed in the email you received from the school)

Rooster Valley Farm School Gallery

Go to your student's class folder (i.e. Monday Pre-K AM) and then find your student's name for his/her own gallery. Images for students who attend full time, will find their images the first time they attend school during the week. Class photos are available under the Group Photos folder.

To Help Answer Any Questions, Please Watch The Video Below. (The password is the same as the one for the portrait gallery).