Why is it that we pick up a camera?  I believe it is that desire to hold onto a moment, to document a part of our lives we deem important. Those tiny details of your newborn baby, or the way your daughter lovingly tends to her baby doll, or maybe the way your husband loves on your children. All moments we want to remember, to show our children when they grow, to tell their stories. And yet, to photograph their stories is more than clicking the shutter. There is an art to being a storyteller for your family. I want to teach you how.

Next run Spring 2019

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So what do you learn in this photography workshop?

  • Week One focuses on setting. What are the daily settings in your life and how do you capture them in a meaningful way? Here's a hint: wider does not equal setting.

  • Week Two is all about details. Which details are important to our story and how do we capture them meaningfully?

  • Week Three is about conflict. This is the heart of our story. How do you photograph the emotion, the struggle, the character in our lives?

  • Week Four puts everything we've learned together. Can you capture setting and conflict in one image? Can you tell a story without creating a flip book of images?

  • Bonus Materials: At the end of the class you will receive two instructional videos on taking a self portrait that tells a story. One video is a behind the scenes with tips on set up and getting focus. The second video walks you through how I edit a self portrait.

During the class there are

  • weekly emails (sent Tuesday mornings) with a PDF of the materials and your assignment (due Monday by midnight)

  • personal, detailed critiques on each of your assignments

  • a private Facebook group for interaction with other students, to share images and ask questions

  • daily access to me. If you have a question ask me and I will respond asap.


Storyteller: Photography Workshop
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