We had a great experience taking our family photos with Neyssa! We have 3 little boys that are full of energy and she was able to capture some wonderful moments despite their constant movement! Neyssa was great with the boys and took time to get all the pics I asked for. I was equally impressed with the Christmas cards we ordered through her. She went out of her way to change the layout of our cards to include all my favorite pics and even matched the color of the text to our outfits! I received loads of compliments on our cards. My close friend said, “Your Christmas card is so gorgeous that I literally passed out- SO GORGEOUS!” Thanks Neyssa!
— Kelly K.
We have been using Neyssa as our personal photographer since my kids were young. My kids feel comfortable with her and over the years she has provided some of the most special memories and photo’s of our family. She always captures us in fun and special moments that never look posed. It has been so easy to set up a regular schedule with Neyssa so that I have a fabulous set of photos that show our family each year. There are very few walls in my house that do not hold a picture by Neyssa and you can for sure tell the difference in quality of those she has taken vs. others. I will continue to work with Neyssa to provide these memories for my family for many years to come.
— Susan G.
Neyssa has been photographing our family since we were pregnant with our daughter in 2009. Through the years as our family has grown, Neyssa’s ability to capture our family just how we are hasn’t changed. She’s easy to work with, comfortable around kids and helps set my mind at ease each year as our session approaches. Each new session becomes my favorite session and my favorite shots are always of my husband and I laughing or my kids making faces - because that’s REAL LIFE! I have many times and will continue to recommend Neyssa Lee Photography to all my friends and family.
— Lyndsey W.
We were referred to Neyssa in 2014, we had a one year old foster daughter who we were told would be moving to a relative’s home. We wanted to make sure to capture some memories of her first birthday so she could take them with her wherever she went and know that she was loved. Neyssa was so kindhearted and agreed to do a photo session at no charge and captured the most beautiful photographs of this sweet girl. Nearly two years later, we had been through quite a rollercoaster and were offered the chance to adopt our foster daughter. We hired Neyssa to be our photographer at the adoption ceremony at the courthouse in Seattle. The day was gray and rainy, the lighting in the courthouse was terrible, and Neyssa somehow managed to take the most beautiful and magical photographs ever. We ordered a photo book through her and I can’t ever look through it without getting tears in my eyes. I would highly recommend Neyssa, she was so great to work with and we have the most amazing photographs to always look back at these treasured memories!
— Lori S.
Neyssa has captured our family so beautifully in every photo session we’ve done with her! We’ve had sessions where the weather and kids didn’t want to cooperate with us, but it didn’t matter because Neyssa’s talent combined with her patience and positive attitude allowed her to work with and around those things, and still produce wonderful photos! She knows how to make love and joy shine through in her photos, and we’re so thankful to have such lovely moments to hold on to forever.
— Jessica S.
We have worked with Neyssa for the past five years. We first met her when we chose to have her photograph our newborn in our home with our three other children. She was warm and it was so easy to feel comfortable with her. She has since photographed our children before their baptisms, and captured family and extended family photo shoots for us over the years. We treasure the images she has taken and are so grateful for the opportunity we have had to capture these special moments and stages of growth in our family. You can’t go wrong in hiring Neyssa to photograph your special moments.
— Heather B.