First, thank you, for booking a newborn photography session with me. I know you have plenty of options for photographers, and I do not take it lightly that you chose me. Your family and your gallery of photos matter to me. As a mother and a photographer, I understand the importance of documenting this fleeting time. It feels like they are little only for a moment. I have put together this page of information to help you make the most of your session and answer any questions you may have. Of course, please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions. I look forward to working with you to create beautiful art that tells your story of your family.


In Home Sessions

Since you've already booked a session, I'm sure you know that I only do newborn sessions in the comfort of your own home. The details in your home are a part of capturing your newborn, they are important for telling your family's story. Things like the bassinet in the corner of the room, or a special blanket grandma made for her newest grandchild are all things that should be a part of your session. Plus, have you left the house with a newborn? You need to pack as if you were leaving for a week and it takes about 2 hours or preparation for a quick trip to the grocery store! 

Don't worry about making your home spotless.  I know you just had a baby and cleaning the house is the least of your worries. When I arrive I will peek around the house looking for the best natural light. Often this is in the master bedroom or a living room if you have large windows. If you have a nursery, we can do some photos in there too! I may move furniture a little bit to angle pieces for the best light on you and baby.  Don't worry if I move other things like lamps or kleenex boxes.  I am just removing distractions from the area. 

What to Wear

The focus of a newborn session is your baby, so keeping a neutral wardrobe is ideal. It is also a good time to go casual. Moms, I recommend a black tank top with a natural (grey, cream, navy, etc) cardigan over top. The black tank allows for some intimate skin to skin shots with baby on your shoulder, while the sweater offers a little cover up for the family shots. Dad, a nice plain t-shirt is perfect. Again, neutral or black is great, though having a little contrast with mom is a good idea. Siblings should also follow the neutral color pattern.The main thing is to avoid large logos, text, or images on the front of clothing. 

For baby, we want to capture those tiny details, so keeping her/him in just a diaper is always beautiful. We can wrap with a swaddle to keep baby warm. If you prefer, a simple onesie is also adorable. 

As always, I am here to help with what to wear details. Lay your clothes out on the bed and take a picture and email or text it to me. I'm happy to offer advice and suggestions. 


Planning Your Session Date

As you approach your due date, please keep me in the loop. Unless you have a schedule induction or C-Section date, we won't have a set newborn session date on the calendar. We will aim to do your session within the first two weeks after birth. My favorite time is 3-7 days after birth when they are still pretty sleepy and snuggly. We also will do them around 9 or 10 in the morning depending on what is best for your family. Newborns tend to be most content in the morning, which beautifully coincides with when the best light is as well!

I have your due date on my calendar, but it helps to keep me up to date with how things are going. Once you're either in labor or had the baby, have someone shoot me an email letting me know. Then we can make final arrangements for your session date. 

The Morning of Your session

A few hours before your session, turn the heat up in your house. If you have a space heater, have that available too, as a warm baby is a happy baby (especially when we want to capture those tiny fingers and toes!). I mean warm, 75 degrees or so. 

10-15 minutes before your session, strip baby down to just a fresh diaper, loosely wrapped in a swaddle and give a nice full feeding. That way, as I'm finishing up my tour of the house, baby is getting a nice full tummy. Of course, if we need to stop for feeding or diaper changes, that isn't a problem at all. 

Please don't worry if you're not "ready" when I arrive. Newborn sessions are completely relaxed. I allow for plenty of time, including touching up makeup or hair, feedings, diaper blow outs, etc.


What to Expect During Your Session

As I mentioned above, I will ask for a tour when I arrive to look for the area(s) with the best natural light. We will chat, I'm sure I will ask a million questions about life with a newborn because I ADORE newborns and will be living vicariously through you! 

I start with family shots. If siblings are involved I want to get their part done first, because their attention span is the shortest. Once kids are done, we will focus on mom and baby, dad and baby, and mom and dad and baby.

Please note that I do not bring any props for your session. I am a lifestyle photographer and love capturing those details that are real for your family. I will not be "posing" your baby, because I feel that the most beautiful "poses" are the way a baby naturally sleeps. If you have a special swaddle or blanket you want to use, that is wonderful. However, a plain white swaddle is always timeless and beautiful as well. Bows are hats can be adorable as well if they fit well and are proportioned to the baby. Huge bows distract from the baby. If you're looking for small bows for your newborn, I recommend Ever Iris Designs. They are adorable, classic, and a good size.

After Your Session

I strive to get you a sneak peek up on Facebook and Instagram within 1-3 days after your session. Please let me know if you prefer not to have anything up online.