First, thank you, for booking a newborn photo session with me. I know you have plenty of options for photographers, and I do not take it lightly that you chose me. Your family and your gallery of photos matter to me. I have put together this page of information to help you make the most of your session and answer any questions you may have. Of course, please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions. I look forward to working with you to create beautiful art that tells your story of your family with your newest addition.

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Coming to your home

You just had a baby, the last thing I want you to worry about is having the "perfect" home for your newborn photos. When I arrive in your home I will be looking for the room with the best natural light. Often this is in the master bedroom. I love the "big bed" as that is often the command center when you first bring a baby home. It allows for comfortable, casual and true to life photos of your family.

Rain or Shine?

The biggest question I get from parents who book a session is, "what if it rains?!" Don't let the weather be a worry for you. This is the pacific northwest and it rains. So we just have to be flexible. As we approach your session date, I will be watching the weather forecasts. If rain is forecasted for your session date, I will offer you three options. 

  1. We select a location that has cover to keep you dry from the rain. I have a couple favorite spots.
  2. We do the session in your home. 
  3. We reschedule. 

All options are okay with me, it is just what will be best for your family. If your hair is like mine and gets really big when it gets wet, pick a different option. I get it. When we are flexible, we will find the right solution to rainy weather for your family.

What do I bring?

In all honesty, you do not need to bring anything. I do not use or bring props or anything like that. I want the focus to be on your family. However, I encourage parents to bring anything that is special their children. If your child always has his lovie with him, bring it. We won't do every photo with it, but let's capture that lovie while he still uses it. Maybe your daughter is like mine and carries her baby doll EVERYWHERE. Bring it along. Or does your family love to read a certain book together, or throw baseballs? Bring a book, or a ball and gloves. Think about those special details that tell the story of your family right now. We may not use everything, but at least we will have a chance to include them in your session. And often, kids are so excited to have their favorite thing included in photos. 

One other thing to bring would be a snack (or treat) for little ones. Keep in mind the mess factor. Things that work well are fruit snacks, little graham crackers, cheerios. Smarties are my favorite treat for kids. They don't stain mouths and are little so they don't take them long to eat for a quick pick me up. 

What to Wear

Newborn sessions are different then family sessions. While color and bold is great for family sessions, newborn sessions are about this new tiny life.

A few things to consider;

  • Neutral colors look beautiful, timeless, and allow baby to shine. 
  • Mom, layers are your friend. Wear a black/dark tank top with an open sweater. The tank top allows for the intimate skin to skin shots, while the cardigan offers more coverage for the whole family shots.
  • For baby less is more. Baby is tiny and cannot hold up fancy outfits. Instead a plain onsie is perfect. Make sure the onsie fits well. This isn't the time to allow for growing room. Another alternative is just having baby striped down to just a diaper.
  • Siblings should remain neutral too. Bright colors can reflect onto skin making

If you're feeling stuck, please don't hesitate with any questions. I am here to help and I love getting a sneak peek of what you'll be wearing!


During Your Session

During your session I will guide you as I photograph your family. I help you get into positions that show your connection with each other, while being flattering and comfortable. We will begin with the most "posed" shots and then we will move into more playful poses. The idea is that by the end kids don't feel like they are having their picture taken, and instead they are just having fun with mom and dad. There will be big bear hugs, snuggles, tickling, spinning, twirling, dancing, running, jumping. 

As parents it is often easy to want our children to be "perfect.' Trust me, I have 3 young kids, so I know. But my job is to worry about them. Your job as parents is to love on them, look happy and excited. Your mood will be contagious. I promise they are doing beautifully and we are capturing wonderful memories.

After Your Session

Once your session is completed, I will get to work on your gallery. Post processing takes approximately 2-3 weeks.  I will work to get you a sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram as soon as I can. (Please let me know if you prefer not to have your images shared on social media.)

Once your gallery is ready, I will send you an email with a link and password to access your images. You will be able to download your photos and order prints, canvases, and albums directly from your gallery. 

What is the End Result?

While you wait for your gallery, it is a great time to start thinking about what you want to do with your photographs when you receive them. You didn't invest time and money on family photos to let them sit on your computer. Will you want to put a want a canvas for your walls, prints for grandparent gifts, or maybe an album to have all of your favorite images together beautifully in one place? 

If you're unsure of how to use them, I'm here to help. I can suggest sizes for wall space, or even design a wall display of several images in one space.