* I love my name. I've never met another Neyssa, which feels pretty special. It's pronounced "neigh-ssa" (rhymes with Mesa).

*After 2 years in the Foster Care system, I was adopted by two wonderfully, amazing people. It is because of them that I know what a gift family is. It is also because of them that my love of photography was fostered, as they funded the endless rolls of film I used to photograph my dog as a child!

*I married my high school sweet heart, Derek, and we have four children (Milo, age 8, Sawyer, age 6, Hudson, age 4, and Ezra, 1), two dogs, and two cats together. Our house is always busy, loud, and messy.

*Beautiful lighting makes my heart flutter with glee, even if I'm merely in a parking lot.

*Parenthood is the most difficult thing a person can do. With four children ages 8 and under, I feel like I'm constantly failing. Yet, it is a job I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Parenthood has shown me how, truly, childhood is so fleeting, and that photography allows us to hold onto a stage just a little longer; relive a moment again and again.

*I believe the magic of Disney transcends age. I dream of one day playing Minnie Mouse at Disney World (even if just for a day). 

*My husband cooks (yummy vegan foods) for our family. Without him, we'd starve. Or maybe eat cupcakes for dinner.

*Although I fear change itself, I warmly welcome the change of each season.

*I believe a scarf is the perfect accessory. It's simple, adds texture, and keeps you warm!

*Running is the perfect escape, however I will never be a long distance runner. 6 miles is my comfortable place where I feel challenged, while not taking too much time away from my family.

*Diet coke is my guilty pleasure. As is Grey's Anatomy.

*I can relate almost any moment to a scene in Friends.

*I believe family photography is about capturing light, connections, and details. It is about showing the chaos and love of a family both artistically and authentically. I believe that photography does not have to be stressful, boring, or stiff. If you are looking for perfect posed family photos, I am not the photographer for you. But if you want to have some fun, snuggle in close, do a little dancing, and have photos full of emotion, I would love to chat with you about your family session!

Awards & Features

2018 Macaroni Kid Gold Daisy Winner Snoqualmie Family Photographer

2018 Macaroni Kid Gold Daisy Award Winner


2017 Macaroni Kid Gold Daisy Award Winner

What's in My Bag

I get asked often what gear I use and what gear I would recommend. If you're shopping for a new camera or lens, I would be more than happy to help. Here is what is in my camera bag.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV

Lenses: Sigma 35mm fF1.4 ART, Canon 50mm F1.2 L, Canon 135mm F2 L.

Wish List: Canon 85 F1.2L

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*Images of Neyssa Lee and her family on this page were taken by the talented Megann Robinson of Megann Robinson Photography.