Custom Album with your Photography Session | Seattle Family Photographer


Custom Album with your Photography Session | Seattle Family Photographer

I recently shared a post on 5 Ways to Use Your Family Photos, spoiler alert - one of my favorite ways to use your photos is in an album. Now, I know what you're thinking. Putting an album together takes time, and if you're like me, you're probably behind on your albums. This is where I come in. New this year is the addition of a custom 8x8 lay flat album with every family and newborn session this year. This means you get your photos displayed in a beautiful album without any of the work. 

You can select from several cover options - like photo wrap or linen (in a ton of color options). We can put the year, family name, or even a child's name (for, say a newborn session) on the spine to help you keep them straight. 

I put the design together for you, send it off to a printer, and in the end you have a beautiful coffee table album to show off your favorite images from this year's photo session. 

Want one for yourself? Learn more about the types of sessions I offer below.


A Special Place for Family Photos | Seattle Family Photographer


A Special Place for Family Photos | Seattle Family Photographer

Whenever you book a family session with me, I help you decide on the right location. I scout favorite spots that offer variety and beauty, have beautiful light, and offer some type of family adventure. However, if you have a favorite spot that offers those things, I am up for it. 

This family had a special place for their family photos. They visit often as a family, exploring and playing together. I immediately fell in love with the deep fall colors and gorgeous sunlight that peered through the trees. They took me around to some of their favorite spots, told me stories of times they would come to play. 

I left their session thinking, this is my favorite session of theirs yet. (I'm pretty sure I think that each year). As I culled through their images, my heart leapt with excitement. So much joy and love, so much connection, the beautiful dynamics within their family all there captured in photographs. 

If you have a special place you want your family photographs, reach out and let's chat. Or I have plenty of favorite spots that will let your family shine.


5 Ways to Use Your Family Photos


5 Ways to Use Your Family Photos

You have invested time and money into a photo session. From the planning and coordinating, to having the actual session you have shown that photography is important to you. You waited for your photos patiently, and shared the with friends and family as soon as your gallery went live. But now what? You did not go through all of that for those image to sit on your hard drive. 

I offer you 5 ways to use your family photos that helps you display and share them as they are meant to be seen!

First, please back up your photos.

I'm no specialist in backing things up, but I cannot stress enough to back up your photos. So before I begin on ways to use your photos, just a friendly reminder to back those photos up. Amazon Drive and Google Photos are great FREE places you can store photos. I use both. I also recommend checking out Miss Freddy (she's a friend and fellow photographer) and her plethora of information on how, why, when to back up. 

Now for the fun stuff, using your photos!

1. Print a Large Canvas for Your Walls.

I love canvases. Ask my husband, who is always having to hang more for me! I love the statement a beautiful canvas can make without needing a frame. Here, the key is size. An 8x10, or even an 11x14 hanging over your couch will look small. Make a statement with one very large canvas or a grouping like the one pictured below. (Shown: 20x30, 16x24, 12x12 (2) & 12x18)

5 Ways to Use Your Family Photos, Canvas Wall Display above a couch

2. Have Yearly Portrait Frames

Several years ago I purchased 3 large frames (they are 16x20 frames with a spot for an 11x14 print) and hung them on the wall. These are my yearly portrait frames, meaning I rotate the image in these at least once a year, sometimes twice, depending on how many times I have family photos done. Since prints are less expensive than a canvas, it is a great way to keep updated photos of the kids on my walls.

3. Make an Album

Albums are a great way to use your images because they can show off the entire story of your family session instead of just a few images that can go on the walls. I include my own images in my yearly family album (I print through Blurb and design using the Digital Project Life App).

If you are a family I photograph, this idea is all done for you. Each family and/or newborn session comes with a custom 8x8 album!

5 Ways to Use Your Family Photos, Album, Neyssa Lee Photography

4. Personalize an Outdoor Space with Metal Prints

A few years ago, I was visiting my friend and mentor's home where we ate lunch outside on her patio. There on the exterior wall she had black and white metal prints of her kids. I just loved how personalized and cozy it made the space. Metal prints can hold up in the weather while adding personality to your outdoors.

5. Use them for Gifts & Notecards

From prints, to magnets, to ornaments, there are so many ways to use your family photos for gifts.  I have magnets of my family on our fridge holding up artwork instead of boring, ugly magnets. Each year I create metal ornaments to use as gift tags for the grandparents, and even have them on our tree. 

I have also ordered these thick, square prints, that I think would be perfect for personalized thank yous, tags, or just a little note. I got these from EternoGram.

Use Your Family Photos, Print Your Photos, Eternogram, Neyssa Lee Photography

It doesn't how you use  your photos, just get them off that hard drive! If it helps as motivation, family portraits help boost a child's self esteem (read more about that here.). However, I believe you not only need to have the photo session, but have the photos where the kids can see themselves. 

And if I photographed your family and you need help finding the right ways to use your photos, I'm happy to help. 


Why I Only Shoot Newborn Sessions in Your Home | Seattle Newborn Photographer


Why I Only Shoot Newborn Sessions in Your Home | Seattle Newborn Photographer

I used to think I needed a grand studio with a ton of props to be a good newborn photographer. And while I tried a few props and poses, it never felt right for me. Now I can't imagine using a studio because there is so much I love about going to each family's home to photograph their new baby. Here are a few reasons why I only shoot newborn sessions in your home. 

Everyone is comfortable during an in-home newborn session

When you don't even have to put on your shoes and can relax on your own couch, you are immediately more at ease. It is easier and more comfortable for mom to nurse when she's in her own space, with her own support. There is also that ease in not having to pack up everything to head to a studio. And if mom isn't all the way ready when I arrive, that is okay. 

Seattle Newborn Photographer, Family with newborn boy on couch

Details Make Your Newborn Session Yours

A newborn session isn't just about that sweet baby, but about your family. When we are in your home we can capture the nursery and its details you poured your heart into putting together for your baby. We can also capture you as a family on the couch or on the big bed, two places you actually spend your time. When you look at your photos, you will be brought right back to those first weeks at home with your baby.

Seattle Newborn Photographer, Father playing guitar for newborn baby

Spit Up Happens

Babies spit up and blow out diapers. It's just part of the territory with babies. When you are in your home there is no stress about now having spit up all over your clothes, you can easily change. Or should she blow out a diaper and need a new onesie/blanket/outfit no problem because you're in your own home.  

Seattle newborn photographer, Father and Son

Siblings Can Come and Go

Let's be honest, there is only so much snuggling the baby that a sibling can handle. When we are in your home, they can take breaks, grab a snack, play with their toys and them come back ready for more photos. When the older kids are shy in the beginning, being in their own home helps them to feel comfortable, and often by the end of the session are showing me their rooms and favorite toys. When they have this freedom to come and go, they also come back sweeter than ever. There is something about not having to "perform" that allows them to love and snuggle the baby when they are ready.

Seattle Newborn Photographer, In Home Newborn photos

Babies are beautiful just as they are.

After photographing newborns for over 8 years (and having had 4 newborns of my own), I have seen how babies are so beautiful just as they are. They don't need to be specially posed or in a particular wrap to be beautiful. Each baby unfolds herself in a special way. Often parents will see images of their baby and say, "She always did that in utero! We have an ultrasound picture like that!" They are also best snuggled into mom and dad's arms, right at home, where they belong. 

Seattle Newborn Photography, Newborn Baby Boy on bed, Neyssa Lee Photography

Grandparents can be present for newborn photos too.

Oftentimes, families will have the grandparents around to help with older siblings while I'm working with mom, dad, and the baby. Whether they are in town for a week or visiting for the day, having their help is priceless. It also gives us the opportunity to capture a few quick shots of the grandparents with their grandchildren.

Seattle Newborn Photographer with Grandparents, Neyssa Lee Photography, Snoqualmie Newborn Session

In the end, I only shoot newborn sessions in your home because it feels right for me and my style of photography. Each click of the shutter makes my heart flutter, the kind of excitement that is most conducive to creating beautiful art for each family. 

If you are expecting, contact me, let's chat about your newborn session. If a friend is expecting, contact me about gift certificates towards a session. They make the best and longest lasting shower gift.