When You are Looking for a Family Mini Session | Snoqualmie Family Photographer


When You are Looking for a Family Mini Session | Snoqualmie Family Photographer

Grab a friend and book a mini session, anytime!

I have had several people ask me about end of summer or fall family mini sessions. I understand that sometimes you just want a quick family photo session, or that maybe even $600 is a big investment for your family to do every year. I also understand that you're busy and one specific date that I would set up mini sessions might not work for your family. That is why this year I started offering the Two-Family Mini Session.

How it works.

Find a friend who is also looking for updated family photos and contact me with a few dates that work for both of your families. You each will get a 30-minute family session (that takes place back to back at the same location) along with your full gallery of high resolution digital images. Since you're splitting the session, you're also splitting the cost of that session. The cost of the two-family mini session is $300 per family.

Half the time not half the service.

I will still help you select the perfect location, give you tips on what to wear, and what to expect. The session will still be laid back and fun with plenty of dancing, playing, tickling and snuggles. I will still guide you through comfortable positions that give you a beautiful yet more lifestyle and natural photos. Each family will also still get a gallery of approximately 45-50 images.

Of course, if you need more time (and I'd love to spend more time with your family) you may always click here to book your 2017 family session. And remember that I'm always taking maternity and newborn sessions.


The Fourth Awakens | Lee Family Announcement


The Fourth Awakens | Lee Family Announcement

The Fourth Awakens - January 2018

My family and I were so excited to announce this week that we are expecting our 4th child come January 2018. Of course, nothing in this house is complete without a little Star Wars flare! So we gathered costumes and played off of the most recent installment, "The Force Awakens" and turned it into "The FOURTH Awakens!" 

My dear friend, and amazing fellow photographer, Megann Robinson of Megan Robinson Photography helped us by photographing our crazy family all dressed up. Of course, I had a hard time picking a favorite image, but the rainbow in the corner of one image in particular stuck out to me.

A rainbow (baby) after the storm

If you weren't aware, a baby born after a loss (miscarriage) is called a rainbow baby. That child is like the rainbow after the storm of pain from a loss. Last year we lost our baby girl at just 14 weeks. It was a difficult and painful time, however I am so grateful for each day I get to carry this rainbow baby.

What does this mean for me as a client?

I'm sure this leaves you with a few questions. I will try to answer them here the best I can. First, yes this is our last child. My husband and I know we are crazy, but so excited for the blessing of 4 children. Also, just like our other 3 children, we will not be finding out gender until his/her arrival! Even though it tortures my friends and family, there is nothing like finding out right in the delivery room!

Families. The exciting thing is that for you, this does not change much. I will still be taking clients right until mid-November as normal to ensure you have updated family photos and cards for Christmas. The mid-November deadline ensures everything is ready in time for the holidays and allows a little room in case we need to reschedule for rain. The only December sessions I will accept are newborns (as we can't control when babies are born!). Then come January, I will be taking a couple of months off. I will start taking sessions late February to early March 2018. (Lucky for you, most families do not want their photos done in the mucky months of January or February!).

Of course, if you still have questions, let me know. I'm happy to answer what I can. 

And now for the photos!

I know you're really here to see my all dressed up as Princess Leia! The first is our "official" reveal movie poster. Then I will share a few more favorites from the session. Again, thank you to Megan Robinson for these beautiful photos of my family.

We appreciate your love and support.

*Neyssa Lee


Not Too Late for Newborn Photos | Snoqualmie Newborn Photographer


Not Too Late for Newborn Photos | Snoqualmie Newborn Photographer

Not too Late for Newborn Photos

I admit, when families contact me, I usually suggest newborn photos within the first two weeks after birth. Baby is super sleepy and still has all of those tiny newborn details. However, I get it. Life right after having a baby is crazy (which is okay) and maybe you're not ready for newborn photos right away. Time gets away quickly, as days and nights are mixed up from lack of sleep. But it is not too late for newborn photos. 

This mama reached out for me to capture her newborn baby boy who was just 2 months old. I was thrilled. This means baby is awake and just might even smile for us. Even more special, this family reminded me what a small world it is. Not only were they referred by two different families I photograph, but it turns out, my daughter went to the same school as their son! 

In Home Newborn Photography

Upon arrival at their home, I was immediately greeted by their sweet dog and even sweeter big kids. They showed me around and we picked out the perfect spot (with best light) for their session. Because we were in their home, everyone was comfortable and the kids were able to come and go as they wanted. I managed to catch them wrestling together on the big bed while I was focusing on their parents with baby brother. I couldn't help but capture those moments of fun play.

Because baby boy was 2 months old, he was awake for much of the session. The connection between everyone in this family was so beautiful. And this sweet baby even took a little cat nap while I continued to photograph him and his tiny details. 

I may have overshared a little bit from this session, but I can't help it! There are too many favorites to pick from. 

If you're expecting or have had your baby recently, let's talk about your newborn photography session.


What to Wear for Maternity Photos | Snoqualmie Family Photographer


What to Wear for Maternity Photos | Snoqualmie Family Photographer

There is nothing more amazing than a woman's body growing a child. I know it doesn't come without it's aches, pains, and waddles, but your body is still so beautiful. The anticipation and glow just before your family is forever change. If it's your first child or 4th, the excitement is uncontainable. I have put together these tips to help you plan what to wear for a maternity session. While many of my other what to wear for family photos tips still apply, there's a few extra maternity photo session specific tips. 

It's all about that (baby) bump!

This is the time to really show off that baby bump. Select something that is form fitting around the bump. Showing off your shape is the both flattering and beautiful.

neyssa lee photography, Snoqualmie maternity photographer, Pregnant mama in white, what to wear in for maternity photos

Wear Solids

Let your baby bump shine by wearing a solid color (at least on top). This not only allows for a classic photo, but also allows your bump to be the focus without distractions. If you like patterns, let dad and/or the kids wear patterns for interest. 

Of course, that doesn't mean don't have texture or variety. Pair a solid top with jeans and a necklace for detail. Or even select a dress that has some texture to it. 

neyssa lee photography, snoqualmie maternity photographer, what to wear in maternity photos, wear solids

Mama, Be Comfortable

You're the focus of the shoot, meaning you are in most of the photos. Wear something that you're comfortable moving in. Try sitting, standing, walking around in your outfit. If you're uncomfortable it will show. This is the time to consider shoes too. Wear shoes that you can move around in. Consider the location too. If you're not comfortable wearing high heels over rocks or in sand, you probably should wear flats. (I don't focus on your feet anyways, so make sure you're comfortable!) 

Coordinate the Family

The key term here is to coordinate, not be matchy-matchy. I suggest picking 2-3 complimentary colors and have everyone wear a variety of it. Again, patterns for dad's shirt or children's clothes are a great way to add depth and interest to a photograph. 

Avoid Logos, Bright Colors, and Phrases on Clothing

Prominent logos on clothing can be distracting, while bright colors come off even brighter on camera. We want you and your family to shine, not your clothes. Phrases can not only be distracting, but also help to date an image. We want a timeless image that focuses on you.

neyssa lee photography Snoqualmie maternity photographer family holding hands what to wear for maternity photos

Be You

I always want my families to feel like themselves. Sure, you want to be a little more dressed up and coordinated than a normal play day. However, you want your photos to reflect who you are. Let your accessories and color choices reflect your style. If you're a cozy, pacific northwest type family, use cute beanies, scarves, and boots to add a little personality.  

This is also a great time to be a little feminine. I'm not a daily dress wearing person, but I LOVE dresses for maternity photos. A maxi dress is a great option as they are flattering, flirty and so comfortable.  If you want to spend a little more, I do love the dresses from Sew Trendy (I do not get anything from this link, I just love their dresses.) 

neyssa lee photographer snoqualmie family photographer what to wear for maternity photos baby bump couple with beautiful sunshine

Layout Your Outfits Before Your Session

Clear the bed and lay everyone's outfit together. Take a picture with your phone and notice if anything stands out. Try the outfits in various combinations to make sure no one clashes with someone else and no one blends in. 

I encourage my families to send me this photo so that I can help. I am able to see how that one shirt will stick out in all of your photos and guide you so you will love how everyone looks!

Ready to start planning your maternity session? Contact me and let's chat about your upcoming new arrival!

*Neyssa Lee