You have invested time and money into a photo session. From the planning and coordinating, to having the actual session you have shown that photography is important to you. You waited for your photos patiently, and shared the with friends and family as soon as your gallery went live. But now what? You did not go through all of that for those image to sit on your hard drive. 

I offer you 5 ways to use your family photos that helps you display and share them as they are meant to be seen!

First, please back up your photos.

I'm no specialist in backing things up, but I cannot stress enough to back up your photos. So before I begin on ways to use your photos, just a friendly reminder to back those photos up. Amazon Drive and Google Photos are great FREE places you can store photos. I use both. I also recommend checking out Miss Freddy’s Back Up Boot Camp (she's a friend and fellow photographer) and her plethora of information on how, why, when to back up. 

Now for the fun stuff, using your photos!

1. Print a Large Canvas for Your Walls.

I love canvases. Ask my husband, who is always having to hang more for me! I love the statement a beautiful canvas can make without needing a frame. Here, the key is size. An 8x10, or even an 11x14 hanging over your couch will look small. Make a statement with one very large canvas or a grouping like the one pictured below. (Shown: 20x30, 16x24, 12x12 (2) & 12x18).

If I’ve taken your family photos, I can even help you put together a design, select the right sized canvas (or canvases) for your walls.

5 Ways to Use Your Family Photos, Canvas Wall Display above a couch

2. Have Yearly Portrait Frames

Several years ago I purchased 3 large frames (they are 16x20 frames with a spot for an 11x14 print) and hung them on the wall. These are my yearly portrait frames, meaning I rotate the image in these at least once a year, sometimes twice, depending on how many times I have family photos done. Since prints are less expensive than a canvas, it is a great way to keep updated photos of the kids on my walls.

3. Make an Album

Albums are a great way to use your images because they can show off the entire story of your family session instead of just a few images that can go on the walls. I include my own images in my yearly family album (I print through Blurb and design using the Digital Project Life App).

If you are a family I photograph, this idea is all done for you. Each family and/or newborn session comes with a custom 8x8 album!

5 Ways to Use Your Family Photos, Album, Neyssa Lee Photography

4. Personalize an Outdoor Space with Metal Prints

A few years ago, I was visiting my friend and mentor's home where we ate lunch outside on her patio. There on the exterior wall she had black and white metal prints of her kids. I just loved how personalized and cozy it made the space. Metal prints can hold up in the weather while adding personality to your outdoors. Metal prints are also a beautiful inside mixed with frames and canvases on the wall.

5. Use them for Gifts & Notecards

From prints, to magnets, to ornaments, there are so many ways to use your family photos for gifts.  I have magnets of my family on our fridge holding up artwork instead of boring, ugly magnets. Each year I create metal ornaments to use as gift tags for the grandparents, and even have them on our tree. 

I have also ordered these thick, square prints, that I think would be perfect for personalized thank yous, tags, or just a little note. I got these from EternoGram.

Use Your Family Photos, Print Your Photos, Eternogram, Neyssa Lee Photography

It doesn't matter how you use  your photos, just get them off that hard drive! If it helps as motivation, family portraits help boost a child's self esteem (read more about that here.). However, I believe you not only need to have the photo session, but have the photos where the kids can see themselves. 

And if I photographed your family and you need help finding the right ways to use your photos, I'm happy to help.