Everyone says that pregnancy is 9 months, but really it’s more like 10 months, right?! So you’re expecting, and you know that you want to have this special time photographed. One of the most common questions I get from expectant moms is “When should I have maternity photos taken?”

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Maternity photos should be done between 31-37 weeks along.

The main goal of a maternity session is to capture your family before a new baby enters the picture, all while showing off that sweet baby bump. Therefore, it is important that you actually are showing. I understand how in early pregnancy you can feel “huge” but trust me, you want to have an obvious baby bump for your maternity photos.

At the same time, you do not want to wait too long in pregnancy that either the third trimester catches up with you, making you very uncomfortable, or that baby comes a couple weeks early, meaning we miss the maternity session all together!

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You can book your maternity session while in your late first trimester to early second trimester.

Although it may be hard to predict the size of your baby bump ahead of time, getting your session on the books early will allow for you to start planning ahead of time for your session. We can start planning what to wear for your maternity session along with the perfect location and details to include for your session.

When you are on my calendar, we are also able to be flexible. Since I only take on so many sessions at a time, your spot is reserved and should we need to adjust a little earlier or a little later based on baby, we are able to do that.

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It’s not too late to get maternity photos until that baby comes!

If you are expecting and thinking you waited too long, don’t stress. Contact me and we can get your maternity photo session booked and scheduled and done to capture your family as you are right now (before that baby comes)!